Producer and supplier of quality vegetable fats
and oils for the food industry

Who We Are

Elstar Fats is an independent Polish producer and supplier of top quality speciality materials and additives for food industry and for other applications (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.).


Our products are marketed to broad customer base including, in particular:

  • dairy producers
  • manufacturers of chocolate and confectionery
  • producers which utilize industrial frying (ex. french fries, fried onion and other vegetables, etc.)
  • bakeries
  • ice-cream manufactures
  • manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements
  • candle producers



Company History

Elstar Fats was founded by a group of former
senior executives of Elstar Oils SA (currently
named ADM Czernin SA), who decided to pursue
their own business following Elstar Oils’ acquisition
by Archer Daniels Midland.


Our core team is a group of seasoned food industry professionals with extensive experience covering
production and sales functions.







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