Producer and supplier of quality vegetable fats
and oils for the food industry


ELSTAR FATS provides a wide range of fats tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Our fats provide superior performance and reliability in ensuring constant high quality of our customers finished-products.

Elstar Fats Team has great enthusiasm and commitment for each new project. We keep at good pace of R&D work.



We offer a full spectrum of products, to include in particular:

  • Confectionery fats tailored to meet stringent and demanding confectionery applications such as
    fillings, coatings and ice cream
  • Bakery fats for a wide range of bakery applications such as bread, cake, cookies and many others
  • Fats for dairy applications such as cheese making, butter substitutes, milk powders, whipping creams
    and others
  • Fats for industrial frying applications providing superior performance through extended frying life of the oil and excellent taste and longer shelf life of the finished product
  • Butters and oils for cosmetic applications such as body creams, emulsions, lotions, conditioners, lipsticks, bath lotions and others providing nourishing and moisturizing properties
  • Waxes and oils for candles providing proper crystallization, long burning time, free from harmful substances released during combustion



Quality is an integral part of every step in our process: from purchase of raw material through manufacturing and storage to delivery, as well as ongoing customer service.


To ensure highest quality and environmental standards, we have implemented internationally-recognized quality management and food safety systems (ISO, HACCP).

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